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Administration Section

Chief Officer of Administration Section

Richard Lo

Ext: 1004

Email: hmlo@mail.ntut.edu.tw

  • Manage and coordinate affairs of Administration Section
  • Handle general affairs of the Secretariat Office
  • Review and approve general official documents
  • Approve procurement documents of the Division of Purchasing and General Support
  • Conduct general affairs of Ethics
Executive Officer
Chien-Chih Kao
Ext: 1009
Email: f10748@ntut.edu.tw
  • Prepare for and organize administrative meetings, university meetings, executive consensus meetings, and take minutes
  • Conduct evaluation affairs
  • Assist in maintaining the website of Secretariat Office and assigning official documents
  • Handle Personal Information audit
  • General affairs of the University System of Taipei




Executive Officer

Chun-Hui Yang

Ext: 1006

Email: ivy@ntut.edu.tw

  • Plan and execute Internal Control affairs
  • Maintain Internal Control self-assessment management system
  • Maintain website of Internal Control Task Force
  • Plan and maintain website of Secretariat Office
  • Handle assigned official document and day off registration for supervisors, property, gift, fund
  • Assist in assigned Official document and meetings




Project Assistant

Siou-Ying Yan

Ext: 1015

Email: sylvia.yan@ntut.edu.tw

  • Arrange and implement schoolwide Internal Audit affairs.
  • Audit affairs for University Endowment Fund, Maintain Internal Audit System
  • Maintain website of Secretariat Office and Internal Audit group
  • Coordinate and plan the Secretary General`s daily schedule and meetings
  • Assist in assigned Official document and meetings


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