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Office of the Vice Presidents

Administrative Assistant

Wei-Chieh Chang

Ext: 1052

Email: weichieh@ntut.edu.tw

  • Follow up cases assigned by President, middle and long range school development plan
  • School development committee, and fund audit committee
  • Secretary to Vice-President C.K. Yang
Executive Assistant
Yi-Siang Zeng
Ext: 1062
Email: sun28@ntut.edu.tw
  • Follow up cases assigned by President
  • Base DataBase of Higher Technological and Vocational Education
  • The Affiliated Tao-Yuan Agricultural & Industrial Senior High School of National Taipei University of Technology
  • University Endowment Fund Management Committee
  • Technical School and Board of Directors Information Filling System
  • Secretary to Vice-President Jen


Executive Assistant
Yu-Ning Chang
Ext: 1092
Email: doris374@ntut.edu.tw
  • Follow up cases assigned by President
  • Conduct Honorary Doctor selection committee
  • Intellectual Property Rights protection group
  • Secretary to Vice-President S.H. Yang