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Office of the President

Executive Officer

Tzu-Jung Hsu

Ext: 1005

Email: jung@ntut.edu.tw

  • Prepare President’s presentation and collect related information and data
  • Coordinate and arrange meetings held by the Office of the President
  • Handle President’s document and letter
  • Assist in arranging President’s daily schedule
  • Official document related affairs
  • Other provisional matters assigned by the superior
Project Assistant
Yu-En Ho
Ext: 1012
Email: blairhe@ntut.edu.tw
  • Coordinate and arrange President’s daily schedule and meetings
  • President assigned affairs.
  • Handle President’s document and phone calls.
  • Prepare for and organize executive meetings
  • Emcee for administrative and university meetings



Technical Worker

Shu-Chen Lin

Ext: 1000

Email: sjnlin@ntut.edu.tw

  • Receive and dispatch official document
  • Receive guests、Maintain Administration Building 8F conference room
  • Maintain Administration Building 8F