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Taipei Tech Celebrates Commencement of the Class of 2022

The commencement ceremony of Taipei Tech Class of 2022 took place on June 11, 2022. About 2,600 students graduated this year. Due to COVID, the university limited the size of the in-person ceremony and live-broadcasted the celebration so that more people could join and share the joy.

Taipei Tech President Wang Sea-fue noted in his address that the students and faculty members had together faced the many unprecedented challenges posed by COVID. He also encouraged the graduates to be sparks in the darkness and to step out of their comfort zone. “Take on responsibilities and never stop learning,” said Wang, “I believe that one day you will make your alma mater proud.”

Taipei Tech alumnus Paul SL Peng, who is the Chairperson of AU Optronics Corporation and has also received a Taipei Tech honorary doctorate degree, gave the commencement speech. Peng encouraged the graduates with his own experience and indicated that, in order to grow and gain experience, one needs not only to persist but also learn from past mistakes. “Great success is the sum of small efforts, and no matter what kind of career paths you choose, your persistence will ultimately define your success,” said Peng. “You are at the starting line of a marathon, and you have limitless possibilities. I wish you all the best.”

At the end of the ceremony, the members of the graduate student association performed the graduation song “New Chapter After the Last Chapter,” composed by one of the committee members. The song took the participants down memory lane by recalling the past years on campus. It also served as an overture that symbolizes the start of a brand-new future for the graduates. A music video was also made to accompany the song that can be viewed through this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnHrzOe1VIk

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