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Taipei Tech and Professional Associations seek to further the localization of the supply chain


Foreseeing the potentials and importance of the offshore wind power, Taipei Tech has been devoted to research on the technologies and solutions that Taiwan’s offshore power plants are currently in need of. With an aspiration to enrich the domestic supply chain’s capabilities, Taipei Tech and the nine professional associations signed an MOU on the industry-academic collaboration in March 2020. 

These associations include Taiwan Professional Civil Engineers Association, National Council of Structural Engineers Associations, Chinese Union of Professional Civil Engineers Association, Taiwan Structural Engineers Association, Taiwan Association of Hydraulic Engineer, Taiwan Professional Hydraulic Engineer Association, Taiwan Professional Geotechnical Engineers Association, Taiwan Professional Electrical Engineers Association, and Taiwan Mechanical Professional Engineers Association.

“The designs and construction of the developers or contractors can be credible if they gain endorsement from the professional associations,” said Taipei Tech President Sea-Fue Wang. “Endorsement is among the most critical parts in Taiwan’s supply chain.”

Therefore, Taipei Tech has launched several projects to cultivate talents with professional knowledge on offshore wind power. It includes cross-disciplinary micro-courses across different terrains of engineering and science, and authentication training courses open to the design consultants, endorsing technicians, or construction companies. Taipei Tech, according to Wang, bridges among the offshore wind power industries by offering access to certification that entitles technicians to endorse and companies to build a construction.  

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