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Taipei Tech's prevention for COVID-19 in April

For health concerns, Taipei Tech is taking preventive measures after the spring semester opening. We will be checking the body temperature of those who are entering the campus.
The 2 checkpoints are set at the Zhongxiao main entrance and the Xin Sheng side entrance.
Please also keep reminded that the other side entrances will be temporarily closed or restricted - and never be a fence-breaker.

No ID No Entry Policy implemented from April 1

Students and Faculty should scan their own valid Student or Faculty ID Card when entering the campus from the 2 checkpoints. If you forget to bring your valid ID Card, please apply for an one-day pass via Taipei Tech Portal and show it to the checkpoint staff.
Visitors should bring his/her Personal ID Card and apply for an one-day pass before entering the campus. (Apply here)
Please wear facial masks all the time on campus during the Coronavirus pandemic.
Further, a student or faculty ID card is needed when entering the campus restaurants at the east campus.
If you are having a fever, cough, or other common symptoms of COVID-19, please don't hesitate to call the free consultation hotline "1922" or "0800-001922."
For current situation and regulations regarding the COVID-19 in Taiwan, you are friendly suggested to visit the CDC website. 
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